The Cabiri Presents Ailuran: Cirque de Soleil Style Aerobatics and Dance Take to the Air at the Theatre at Meydenbauer Center

The Cabiri, a Seattle aerial troupe, along with guest Artist Director Marshall Garfield, will unveil their newest work, Ailuran: The Bardo to Tewaz this Thursday at the Theatre at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue.  Ailuran explores ancient Neolithic archetypes through spectacular aerobatics, aerial artistry, and contemporary dance. Garfield brings decades of experience to The Cabiri as former Performance Designer, Project Manager and Acrobatic Coach for Cirque De Soleil at their headquarters in Canada and in Las Vegas for a variety of Cirque shows including O, Zumanity and Ka.

Ailuran-poster smallIn Ailuran, shamanism, angelic beings and tribal hunter culture are explored via the Cabiri’s unique, enchanting combination of aerial acrobatics, contemporary dance and theater suitable for audience members of all ages. In the time before the most archaic of folklore, long before stories were written, cave paintings told the stories of our human experience with the divine. Ailuran journeys to the depths of human creation, back to 7,500 – 5,700 B.C., to the ancient Neolithic temples of Çatalhöyük [Catal Huyuk] of Southern Anatolia. Ailuran is the prelude to the Cabiri’s highly anticipated T.E.A. Trilogy, the first installment of which (Tewaz) will debut in Spring 2014.

Ailuran will be at Meydenbauer Center for three nights only with showings at 8pm on August 8, 9, and 10. Tickets range from $18-$35 and can be purchased via Brown Paper Tickets by clicking here. For additional information about Ailuran, visit the following websites:

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