PicMonkey CollageArt plays a very important role in our community by serving as an educational resource, economic driver, civic catalyst and cultural legacy. In Bellevue, we are lucky enough to hosts some amazing artists throughout May at Bellevue Arts Museum and Hall Spassov Gallery.  Check out these highly recommended exhibitions:

Hall Spassov Gallery

At Hall Spassov Gallery, see three artists express their inspirations through the medium of paint in the exhibition Like Kind.

A Quiet Town by Suhas Bhujbal
A Quiet Town by Suhas Bhujbal

Suhas Bhujbal’s work begins with cityscapes. His palette conveys emotions from a happy, sunny day to a calm, quiet, lonely evening. His unique sense of selecting the spots, dramatic colors and surprisingly different compositions make his paintings distinct.

Daniel Ochoa’s work is fueled by his experiences growing up in a bicultural family. His paintings embody cultural dichotomies and conflicting perspectives to suggest the struggle between the visceral and rational.

Born and raised in Japan, Ryoko Tajiri paints easily recognizable still-life figures and objects twisted with irregular geometric patterns and shapes. Her brightly colored backgrounds, rectangular planes and strong contrasts evoke cubist fragmentation and a sense of depth.

Visit Like Kind starting Wednesday, May 7 through Friday, May 30.  Stop by the gallery from 5 to 8 p.m. on May 7 for the opening reception to see the new work, meet the artists and enjoy complimentary refreshments! For more information, visit www.hallspassov.com.

Bellevue Arts Museum

Richard Sweeney 03M (Partial Shell), 2012
Richard Sweeney 03M (Partial Shell), 2012

At Bellevue Arts Museum, experience Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami, opening Friday, May 16 through Sunday, September 21.  The groundbreaking exhibition explores the history and evolution of paper folding with more than 140 works by 45 master folders from around the world. In his “Spiked Rhombic Enneacontahedron,” Tom Hull uses 180 four-inch square pieces of Japanese artisan paper to create a colorful 90-sided polyhedron completely folded and interlocked without the use of glue. Tran Trung Hieu likes to break the traditional rules of origami by folding paper from many different shapes and textures to make his visions come to life. In his “Velociraptor Skeleton,” he uses more than 70 sheets of uncut square and rectangular sheets of Vietnamese wrapped paper to create a life-like model dinosaur skeleton.

Witness the power of origami and its modern-day application in the fields of mathematics, engineering, design and the global peace movement. Other current BAM exhibitions include Fragile Fortress: The Art of Dan Webb, Kathy Venter: LIFE and At Your Service. For more information, visit www.bellevuearts.org.