The holiday season is a wonderful and joyous time! It is the season of giving and cheer but with the holiday season comes all of the hustle and bustle which can be stressful. Balancing work, money, presents, and planning time with the family can cause unwanted stress. Don’t let any of this put a damper on your holiday season; take some time out for yourself! Come relax and re-energize in Bellevue with some amazing activities just for you!

Warm Up with Hot Yoga


Is the holiday stress getting the best of you? Get Zen Hot Yoga may be just the place for you to regain your peace and sanity. It is a safe haven where you will experience “peace, kindness, and overall well-being.” Hot yoga provides detoxification and can rid you of your stress as you enter the yoga room which will be a hot 98-105 degrees. Get Zen Hot Yoga also has programs that offer ways to help you with weight loss by teaching students how to balance eating right and exercising as well. For only $20 you can purchase a special package that will allow you to practice unlimited yoga every day during your trip!

Detox with a Delicious Jujubeet Concoction


It can be quite difficult during the holidays to eat and live healthy as you want to enjoy that extra slice of pie or tasty sweet treat that you only make once a year.  At Jujubeet, there are endless amounts of options for you to get your fruits and veggies in while enjoying a tasty treat. You can enjoy different types of juices that are mainly sourced from local and organic produce. The Bellevue Jujbeet is conveniently located downtown! If you’re looking to cleanse and detoxify, you should try one of their juice cleanses and elixirs.

Release Stress at Pilates Plus

Pilates Plus

Exercising is one of the number one ways to reduce stress. This is why we love Pilates Plus! Located in downtown Bellevue, Pilates Plus provides full-body workouts on a single machine and they offer classes for $10 on your first day! Group workouts are meant to bring an “exercise experience unlike any other”. During your 40 minute workout you will work to improve posture, energy, metabolism, and so much more! Do you like to exercise alone? If you aren’t big on working out with others in a group setting, you can take advantage of one of their private sessions that are offered 7 days a week and cater to each individual’s needs. While you’re in town, you can even sign up for individual classes from their calendar! To find a class that fits in with your schedule, check out their calendar!

Relax at the Spa at Willow’s Lodge


One of the best ways to relieve stress and put your problems to the side is spending a day at the Spa at Willows Lodge. What makes this spa unique are their massage techniques which range from ancient times to modern times. You will surely feel pampered and relaxed after your stay here. They offer a wide variety of services including facial treatments, massages, body treatments, and special combination packages. Willows Lodge has exactly what you need, whether it’s for a one hour stay or a whole weekend! Don’t forget about their special packages such as “Therapeutic Thursdays” where all spa packages are 10% off. Better yet, Willows Lodge is an award-winning lodge that features restaurants, beautiful guest rooms, wineries and more to make your day or weekend as relaxing as possible!

Feel Rejuvenated at Yuan Spa


Boost your spirits this holiday season by treating yourself to a day at the Yuan Spa! This spa combines both ancient Asian healing philosophies and Western modern technology. This multiple award winning spa will allow you to experience an escape from your stress through their traditional therapeutic Chinese bathing, which includes both sauna and steam rooms. You can also enjoy their hydrotherapy which allows for deep body relaxation in a 104 degree thermogenic pool which helps to stimulate your muscles and condition your skin. What’s great about the Yuan Spa is they have a package to suit everyone such as the Body Renewal package, Mother-to-be package and even a Gentlemen’s Experience; there is something for everyone!

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