2020 brings the formation of new industry councils designed to develop and grow Bellevue’s Tourism Industry. New Councils include the Bellevue Events & Festivals Council and Regional Tourism Council, and in the future we will develop the Culinary Tourism Council & Cultural Tourism Council.

Events + Festivals Council

Bellevue’s Events + Festivals Council is underway and beginning in 2020 this council will provide needed support and strategy to attract, incubate and grow events and festivals that bring overnight visitors to Bellevue. Creating a new events and festivals development fund and encourage coordination between festivals + events will be an important catalyst for economic growth and will contribute to the overall quality of life.

Regional Tourism Council

The establishment of a new Regional Tourism Council will provide cooperation among regional destination marketing and management organizations, which will enable our region to develop more shared product. An initial focus of this council is to cooperatively develop new tourism programs, tours and products, cooperatively bid and host weekend sports and recreational competitions and provide regional coordinated advocacy for Hospitality & Tourism related issues, including the coordination of visitor transportation systems.

Future Councils

Two additional tourism councils that will be formed in the future include Culinary Tourism & Cultural Tourism.

For more information or to become involved in a Visit Bellevue Council, please contact Brad Jones.