Sometimes seasons just fly by, and by the end we’re left wondering if it happened at all. Each of us has certain things we need to do for it to feel like summer. Here are some of our favorite Bellevue activities!

…See an outdoor movie


Outdoor movies aren’t a thing of the past, at least not in Bellevue. Drive out to Bellevue’s Hidden Valley Park or Crossroads Park and enjoy free outdoor movies with your family and friends! Not only will you have a blast watching family-friendly movies under the stars, but you’ll be supporting a great cause. Every movie night supports a different charity, so remember to bring the suggested donations. You can find this year’s schedule here.

…Float the Snoqualmie River


When the sky is clear and the sun is blazing, one of the best ways to cool off, relax, and enjoy the day is to float down the Snoqualmie River. All you need are some friends and your very own floaty! If you want to get creative: stock up a cooler with your favorite beverages and snacks and pop the cooler onto a floaty.


…Have a picnic at one of the beach parks

Picnics are an age-old staple of summer. Perfect for romantic getaways, family gatherings, friendly hangouts, or just a solitary, quiet day with a book, there’s a picnic for every occasion. Bellevue has plenty of whimsical beach parks to settle down in on a sunny day. Whether you’re looking for a big park like Newcastle or a hidden gem like Meydenbauer, your ideal picnic is just a short drive away.


…Find locally grown fruits and vegetables at produce stands


What’s better than a finishing off the day with a summer salad made with crisp leafy greens and a mix of fresh fruit? Not much! Though, wandering around the farmers market and picking out local produce is definitely a pleasurable part of the experience. Check out our list of Bellevue farmers markets, as well as our event calendar to check when each site is open.


…Learn to Sail


Haven’t we all dreamed of escaping to the seas and sailing off towards the horizon? Well, if you don’t have a boat and don’t know how to sail, Island Sailing wants to help. Island Sailing is a Kirkland company that loves sailing so much, their mission is to instill that love into others. If you like your summers colored with adventure, check out their classes and experience life beyond the shore.



Outdoor Movie image courtesy City of Bellevue via Flickr, Snoqualmie float image courtesy of Fall City Floating, and produce image courtesy of Bellevue Farmers Market