Bellevue Art Exhibit Collage April 2014Take a trip to Bellevue this month and discover the history, culture and personal stories behind the collections of celebrated local artists. Bellevue’s art scene is a not-so-hidden gem waiting to be discovered – we couldn’t resist sharing these impressive exhibitions currently on view at Bellevue Arts Museum and Hall Spassov Gallery!

 Fragile Fortress: The Art of Dan Webb

Dan Webb, Splash Photo: Arthur Aubrey
Dan Webb, Splash
Photo: Arthur Aubrey

Seattle artist and self-taught carver Dan Webb returns to the Bellevue Arts Museum with his first museum solo exhibition, Fragile Fortress: The Art of Dan Webb. Featuring never-before-seen wood carvings alongside some of the artist’s most iconic pieces, the collection provides a survey of 15 years of intense exploration and self-invention.

In his mostly figurative work, the self-taught carver explores themes such as the fragility of life and human resilience, balancing this heady content with his characteristic, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Skillfully-chiseled carvings play against rough-hewn surfaces, revealing a tension between what was, what is, and what could be. Fragile Fortress is on display now through June 15.  For more information and to explore other exhibits currently on display at Bellevue Arts Museum, visit

Mars and Pony: Special Delivery

MP 8
MP 8

Artistic duo Gretchen Gammell and Hall Spassov Gallery owner, Amy Spassov, join forces for their second exhibition together, Mars and Pony: Special Delivery, a culmination of four years of intense collaboration. Interweaving each other’s imagery and skill, they allow one new voice to emerge in their mixed-media work. The trust and intuition built between the two artists results in paintings whose origin remains mysterious, breathing with the energy of a third entity pulsing between the pair.

Admission to the gallery is free – stop by to view Mars and Pony now through April 30. For more information, visit