Bellevue’s Cafe Trophy opened last summer at The Shops At The Bravern as the brainchild of local Trophy Cupcakes & Party founder, Jennifer Shea. Serving coffee, fresh French-style pastries, macarons and champagne alongside their locally-acclaimed cupcakes, the Cafe Trophy concept can best be described as a grown-up bakery-cafe-champagne bar.

Spacious, warm and stylish, the space at Cafe Trophy draws you in. But beyond being a chic meeting-spot for a little indulgence, Cafe Trophy embodies Jennifer Shea’s belief that every day should be a celebration. The friendly staff and attention to detail show the team’s dedication to making their customers’ day, no matter whether they’re looking for a birthday treat or just need a reason to celebrate. For this week’s spotlight we talked to Jenessa Thatcher, Cafe Trophy team manager, about what she loves best about Cafe Trophy and being in Bellevue.

What is your name?

Jenessa Thatcher.

Which coffee shop are you with?

Cafe Trophy.

What inspires you to come to work every day?

I get every ounce of inspiration from my amazing crew. We are just one little family here, and that love and support is truly what keeps our happy vibes rolling along.

Signature coffee order? 

The Undertow- 1 pump Vanilla, 2 shots espresso, w/ 1inch breve, served affogato.

When you’re not drinking coffee, what’s your go-to beverage of choice?

On-tap Prosecco from Cafe Trophy in Bellevue!

Do you have a favorite place in Bellevue?


If you were going out after work in Bellevue, where would you head?

Lucky Strike Bowling Alley!

If a customer asked you where to go for “the best bite” in Bellevue, where would you send them?

Lot No.3

What is your favorite accompaniment to your morning coffee?

A fresh baked butter croissant & the Seattle Times.

What, in your opinion, is the world’s best coffee creation?

Espresso espresso espresso!

What activity in or around Bellevue is a “must” for those visiting the region?

The Bellevue Japanese Garden at Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Where’s your go-to happy hour spot?

Blue C Sushi.

Where do you go when you’re craving something sweet?

Cafe Trophy of course! Can’t beat their cupcakes.  

Where do you enjoy drinking your coffee?

I take my cup of joe on the go!

What’s your favorite spring or summer event in Bellevue?

The Bellevue Farmers Market.

How would you describe Bellevue to tourists? 

As a bustling city center, with a huge dollop of Seattle flavor on top.

Stay tuned for more Bellevue Coffee Maker Spotlights from Visit Bellevue Washington. Be sure to pay Jenessa and her crew at Trophy Cafe a visit this summer and post your photos with the hashtag #MyBellevue to enter our summer photo contest! (Full contest details here.)

Photo Credits – Cafe Trophy