Think community-driven coffee. Bellden Cafe is a new coffee shop in town, but when you walk through their doors into an inviting, warmly-decorated space you’ll find an energetic buzz. Owner, Claire Sumadiwirya, started Bellden Cafe with a unique twist on the traditional coffee shop model by regularly partnering with and supporting local charities.

Bellden Cafe offers special menu food and drink items for rotating featured charities. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these items go directly to the charity. In addition, employees and the owners volunteer for every non-profit they partner with.

Get to know Claire and what brought her to Bellevue in the very first of our Bellevue Coffee Maker Spotlight blog series. We’re excited to share her story.

What’s your name?

Claire Sumadiwirya.

What’s the name of your coffee shop?

Bellden Cafe.

What inspires you to come to work every day?

At Bellden Cafe we wanted to create an atmosphere where customers would not only enjoy great coffee and food– but also have an opportunity to do something bigger for the world. We decided to pair with non-profits to elevate our business to one that gives back.

Signature coffee order?

Espresso or Cortado.

When you’re not drinking coffee, what’s your go-to beverage of choice? 

A Matcha Latte from Bellden or an Old Fashioned from Lot No.3!

Do you have a favorite place in Bellevue?

I love everything about this city, so it is really hard for me to pin-point a particular place.

If you were going out after work in Bellevue, where would you head?

Lot No. 3 or John Howie Steak.

If a customer asked you where to go for “the best bite” in Bellevue, where would you send them?

For healthy casual food, we love the Poke Mix. And for something fancy, we like John Howie or the Bis on Main.

What is your favorite accompaniment to your morning coffee?

A buttery plain croissant.

What, in your opinion, is the world’s best coffee creation?

Other than espresso or cortado, I love cold brew!

What activity in or around Bellevue is a “must” for those visiting the region?

The parks here are beautiful, and made with so much care and love. The Bellevue Art Museum is exquisite, and world class. Bellevue is just a sophisticated city with so much to offer plus delicious cuisine from all over the world.

Where’s your go-to happy hour spot?

Daniel’s Broiler.

Where do you go when you’re craving something sweet?

I am not really a sweet person, but if I really really crave something sweet, it would be the shaved ice bowls from Ding Tai Fung.

Where do you enjoy drinking your coffee? 

The Bellevue downtown park, near the water, and mostly just at my cafe.

What’s your favorite spring or summer event in Bellevue?

The Bellevue Farmer’s Market.

How would you describe Bellevue to visitors? 

Bellevue is where the world calls home. We have great cuisines from all over the world, beautiful parks that makes us happy, and most importantly generous community that love one another.

Stay tuned for more Bellevue Coffee Maker Spotlights from Visit Bellevue Washington. Be sure to pay Claire and her crew at Bellden Cafe a visit this summer and post your photos with the hashtag #MyBellevue to enter our summer photo contest! (Full contest details here.)

Photo Credits – Bellden Cafe