The Pacific Northwest may be renowned for fresh seafood and ethnic eats, but Bellevue also knows how to dish up delicious burgers like nobody’s business. Whether you are looking for an extravagant experience or a quick bite to eat, Bellevue has a burger for every occasion. From the classics to over-the-top creations, here are a few can’t-miss picks from some of our dining spots around town.

1. Wagyu Burger


Get it at: Pearl Bar & Dining

The deets: Half pound of char-grilled Custom-ground Wagyu chuck, toasted Macrina roll, Tillamook cheddar, crispy-fried onions, house-made aioli, lettuce and tomato. Served with house-cut fries.

Why we love it: Pearl’s Executive Chef, Bradley Dickinson, says it best, “You can’t find this combination of quality, local ingredients at this price anywhere else!”

2. The Morning After Burger


Get it at: Tap House Grill

The deets: A signature blended burger patty with beef and bacon ground together topped with Fireball bacon, Gruyere cheese, slow roasted cipollini onions and a fried egg with chipotle aioli.

Why we love it:  As if the name itself isn’t reason enough to order one up, this burger is made of 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. Plus, who doesn’t want to mix things up with a fresh grilled egg to top it off?  Oh, and did we mention there are always 160+ beers on tap. Can you say, “perfect pair”?

3. New York Burger


Get it at: El Gaucho

The deets: New York Steak Burger served with piquillo peppers, hazelnut aioli, Roquefort cheese and arugula.

Why we love it: It’s all in the experience. If there’s one thing we can be certain about it is that any and every dining experience at El Gaucho is sure to feature only the finest ingredients and dishes prepared to perfection. An evening of El Gaucho’s theater-like ambiance and attentive table side service are sure to make you feel like a star.

4. 520 Burger


Get it at: 520 Bar & Grill

The deets: A juicy 1/2 lb beef patty served on an onion bun with cheddar or swiss cheese. Available toppings include: fresh onion, tomato, lettuce, avocado, bacon, ketchup, yellow mustard, mayo, chipotle mayo, and dijon mustard. Each burger is accompanied with thick cut steak fries or a caesar salad.

Why we love it: Every guest is sure to feel welcome and at home the minute they step into Bellevue’s favorite neighborhood bar, 520 Bar & Grill. When the sun comes out, 520’s outdoor garden patio is a great place to relax and unwind. Plus, we love that this burger comes with all toppings served on the side so you can build your burger just the way you like it.

5. James West Burger

Lunchbox-Laboratory-James-West-BurgerGet it at: Lunchbox Laboratory

The deets: Kobe beef blended patty seasoned with house blended cowboy steak rub, honey cured bacon, guajillo cream cheese, Papa’s BBQ sauce,  and fried onion rings, served on a lightly toasted organic bun.

Why we love it: Named after Will Smith’s character in the hilariously awful 1999 film “Wild Wild West” The James West Burger is the classic western burger taken to a whole new level of deliciousness. This mound of goodness will take you back to cooking out under the stars in the old west.

6. The Burger

Get it at: Skillet Street Food

The deets:  Grass fed beef, bacon jam, bleu/brie cheese, and arugula on a brioche bun.

Why we love it: This burger is balanced. The sweet balsamic brown sugar bacon jam and the creamy bleu and brie cheese bring out a blend of flavors that pair well with the grass fed beef patty.  The brioche bun is hardy enough to handle the juicy burger and the arugula gives a bit of a crunch to each bite.

7.  Kobe Burger


Get it at: Suite Restaurant / Lounge

The deets: 8 oz. Kobe beef patty, Beecher’s Flagship cheddar cheese, Suite special sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, Macrina ciabatta bun with optional pepper bacon as an addition.

Why we love it: You’re sure to feel sleek and stylish when dining at Suite. The restaurant boasts a classy, swanky environment complete with chandeliers, white leather couches, and weekend aerial arts performances.  Plus, any burger topped with Beecher’s cheese is sure impress.

8. Juicy Lucy

juicy-lucy-1--john-howie-steakGet it at: John Howie Steak

The deets: The Juicy Lucy is available during lunch only and is a 60/40 blend of ground prime chuck mixed with kurobota bacon, stuffed with sharp New York cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses and served on a house-made sweet roll. The 8-ounce patty is cooked over a mesquite and finished with caramelized onion jam mayonnaise and crispy fried onions.

Why we love it: This burger is just exploding with goodness. As if a patty made from gourmet kurobota bacon (from highly prized Japanese Berkshire pigs) wasn’t enough, the inside is stuffed with Grafton Village white cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses! We weren’t surprised for a second when we heard that and Thrillist both named the Juicy Lucy the best burger in Washington state.

9. Royale with Cheese

Earl's Kitchen & Bar - Royale Burger with Cheese

Get it at: Earls Kitchen & Bar

The deets: Hand smashed beef patty with house-made beer cheese melted over top. Premium house-made condiments, smoky bacon, sweet roasted onions and savory roasted Portobello mushrooms sandwiched in between a cheese crusted bun.

Why we love it: Ketchup and mustard are a thing of the past. We can’t get enough of Earl’s tempting house-made sauces that enhance every bite and create an original experience for your taste buds. Each of Earl’s burgers have their own unique personality from the classic Bacon-Cheddar and rich Royale with Cheese to the spicy Rodeo Blue and zesty Forager. Be sure to stop in and try one of the gourmet burgers available for a limited time as part of their Burger Promotion from April 22 – June 16.

10. Hillbilly Burger


Get it at: Local Burger

The deets: Half-ground beef, half-bacon patty, house-made BBQ sauce, fried red onion, baby greens, and aioli on a Local Burger bun.

Why we love it: If you’re looking for locally-sourced, real food, then Local Burger is the place for you. The restaurant sources more than 90% of their ingredients from within 360 miles and buys directly from farmers and organic whenever available. And vegetarians, Local Burger has you covered too, with a menu featuring a vegetarian option for every burger on the menu.

11.  American Wagyu Beef Mushroom Burger


Get it at: Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar

The deets: ‘Kobe style’ beef complimented by sautéed Cremini mushrooms. The burger is topped with Fontina cheese, arugula, porcini mushroom spread and served on a soft brioche bun.

Why we love it: This decadent burger provides a delicious, meaty taste that is second to none. You’ll want to be sure to try this burger that has been recognized as Best Burger at the South Lake Union Block Party for four straight years!

12.  Baconmaster


 Get it at: Burgermaster

The deets: Patty topped with three pieces of bacon, American cheese, fresh tomato, lettuce, and Burgermaster relish.

Why we love it:  There’s something that’s simply sentimental about pulling up to the locally owned Burgermaster drive-in chain and ordering old-fashioned burgers, fries, and shakes that are delivered right to you in your car. Because really, who doesn’t love a good a trip back in time to the ’50s?

13. Tavern Burger




Get it at: Tavern Hall

The deets: Smoked bacon, Mama Lil’s peppers, crispy fried onions, sweet onions, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, and Tavern Hall burger sauce, served on a potato bun.

Why we love it: The combination of sweet Mama Lil’s peppers, and the smoked bacon pair great with a custom blend of ground brisket and chuck to create a well-balanced burger that The Seattle Times called “the best burger in Bellevue.” Plus, have some fun while you’re at it by cheering on your sports team (Tavern Hall has you covered with 30 flat-screen TVs!) or starting a game of your own on one of the shuffleboard tables.

14. 21 Burger


Get it at: Daniel’s Broiler

The deets: Custom-ground USDA Prime Beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, house-made pickle, served on a brioche bun from Schwartz Brothers Bakery.

Why we love it: Daniel’s Broiler treats their 21 Burger just like they do their Prime Steaks. The burger is made with “USDA PRIME” Beef, the finest grade available in the U.S., specially selected from the top 2% of all corn-fed beef products in the U.S. This heavenly food combined with heavenly views from the 21st floor, make for an unbeatable combo!


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