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A group from Microsoft takes on the course. Photo courtesy of Northwest Teambuilding.

Are you looking for a way to get your group out into nature? Do you want to help strengthen the bonds of your team or give your convention attendees a chance to figure out how to tackle a kind of challenge that’s different than their usual? The Bellevue Challenge Course and Zip Tour might just be the thing for you.

Nestled on a wooded hillside at Bellevue’s Eastgate Park and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the Bellevue Challenge Course and Zip Tour offers a world of potential, challenge, choice, and adventure. A walk into the Broadleaf Maples and Douglas Firs of the park reveals an intriguing assortment of items: wooden poles, ropes, cables, suspension bridges, and platforms. The course is comprised of a Low Course, High Course, Vertical Playpen, and 6 ½ line Zip Tour.  Skilled staff from Northwest Teambuilding operate the course, guiding techies, adventurer-seekers, teenagers, hipsters and businessmen alike through various teambuilding exercises to strengthen group self-esteem and improve cohesiveness.

“We’ve enjoyed working and playing with Microsoft, REI, and Outerwall among others,” says Mandy Stewart of Northwest Teambuilding. Insidevue - Microsoft Trio“Bringing a team to an environment like this levels the playing field and helps give everyone a fresh perspective.”

The onsite program options are diverse and Northwest Teambuilding works with you to accommodate your individual group’s needs. Many factors are considered when designing each client’s customized program or event.  For example, does your team want an outing or an outcome?  How much time do you have?  What is the comfort level of your team regarding heights and physicality?  What are the challenges you’re facing right now that need to be addressed from a new angle?

“Not everyone wants to get off the ground or be extremely physical, and we build programs where not everyone has to,” says Stewart.  “Actively exploring how your team capitalizes on different strengths in different situations will help make you a more effective team back at the office, too.”

Of course there is the perennial question, “is it safe?”  The Bellevue Challenge Course and Zip Tour is built, inspected and operated in accordance with the internationally recognized standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).  Additionally, Northwest Teambuilding is an Accredited Professional Vendor Member of the ACCT.  This means they not only hold themselves to the best standard, they also help others do the same by providing professional challenge course services and trainings throughout the western US including Alaska.

Insidevue - AccentureThe planning team for the course focuses on developing events that are the right fit for each team, from those looking for a full day experience to those who have a definitive window of time.  Teams can also start or end their day with an experience on the challenge course as just one part of their overall agenda.  If going to the course doesn’t work in your program, portable team building programs can even be brought to you at your meeting venue or office

“It’s a powerful way to spend a couple of hours,” says Northwest Teambuilding owner and challenge course veteran Scott Andrews. “I think each of us needs to have some wild, some adventure, and some play in our lives to stay fresh and renewed and to tackle those challenges that come to us every day.”

For more information on the Bellevue Challenge Course and Zip Tour, or to check availability, contact Northwest Teambuilding at or call 206-348-3941.  You can also visit

If you’d like to learn about additional group teambuilding ideas for your meeting or convention in Bellevue, we invite you to contact one of our Visit Bellevue Washington convention sales team members.