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Why not break away from your diet and treat yourself to a nice juicy burger and shake, a shot of melted dark chocolate, or a quality steak? Whatever the occasion or mood you may be in, Bellevue has got just the right place for you! Check out 10 ways to ruin your diet in Bellevue.

Local Burger

Local BurgerHow does a juicy burger made with crispy bacon, tangy BBQ sauce, crispy fried onion straws and rich aioli sound? We recommend putting any diet on hold for this one! This is known as the Hillbilly Burger, grab this and all sorts of other diet-wrecking eats at  Local Burger. You can even pair your burger with one of their 24 beers on tap! You will get nothing but the best at Local Burger as they are committed to providing only the most quality food and beverages.


Tutta Bella

Tutta BellaTutta Bella is the Northwest’s first certified Neapolitan Pizzeria which features authentic Neapolitan pizzas, Italian wines, Umbria espresso, and now they offer a new Fritti menu with classic Italian fried cuisine. Come by to watch your Neapolitan pizza being made from start to finish using only the highest quality of ingredients, at a chef’s table and using their new Acunto ovens (which were handmade in Italy by artisan oven makers). Take a break from that traditional pepperoni pizza and dive into something new. You won’t be counting calories when you check out Tutta Bella’s menu. Renew your pizza palette by indulging in the Hazan pizza. You won’t be sorry you tried this combination of pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, provola, calabrian salame, and mushrooms!

Lunchbox Laboratory

LunchboxFeeling experimental? Lunchbox Laboratory is the place to be if you’re looking to mix up your daily diet routine. Have you ever tried a shake with bacon in it? Well, now is the time to liven things up by trying the Maple Bacon Boozie Shake made with vanilla ice cream, rich maple syrup and crispy bacon all mixed together!To finish off the Boozie Shake experiment, you get a test tube filled with Jim Beam, AbsolutVanila, and Kahlua. This is every adult’s dream come true! Pair your shake with any one of Lunchbox Laboratory’s giant, juicy burgers to get the full affect.

Lot No. 3

Lot3According to the Seattle Times, you can sum it up in three words: booze, beer and bacon. Yes indeed, candied bacon is a great place to start but you can follow that  with chicken & waffles, grilled cheese, or onion dip! Lot No. 3 is your destination for classic comfort food, breakfast and brunch in a vintage industrial-inspired space. Our favorite at Lot No. 3 is the Mac & Cheese, the combined flavors of red Leicester and Monterey jack with creamy white wine-herb sauce and toasted bread crumbs is nothing short of extraordinary and will leave you never wanting to diet again!



Daniels Broiler

DanielsThere are some definite possibilities to spoil a diet at Daniel’s Broiler! This world-class steakhouse offers USDA Prime Steaks and so much more. Our dish of choice at Daniel’s Broiler is the mouthwatering 14 oz Rib-Eye, every ounce of this steak is juicy, savory, and richly marbled with intense flavors. Pair your steak with Daniel’s flavorful garlic mashed potatoes or jumbo baked potato. Enjoy a high-end spirits bar, an award-winning wine list and live piano music every night at Daniel’s Broiler! 


Din Tai Fung

Din Tai FungDin Tai Fung is the Eastside’s premier dumplings and noodle restaurant. Make sure you try the dumplings! Perfectly constructed, these plump and hot dumplings will make your taste buds crave more. If you really want to go all out and make your diet cheat day count, pair your dumplings with some flavorful fried rice. Don’t forget the desserts of course! Din Tai Fung has an amazing selection of sweet desserts unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!




El Gaucho

El GauchoGooey, rich combination of cheeses topped with crispy bits of bread crumb topping. This Gaucho Mac and Coastal Cheddar Cheese sounds amazing, right? You can give this and so many other delectable dishes a try at El Gaucho. This restaurant offers an elegant, 5-star dining experience with dim lighting, live jazz on the piano, and exceptional customer service.




PancakesLocated inside the Hyatt Hotel, Eques offers a fresh a la carte breakfast and contemporary buffet every day of the week! If you’re feeling something sweet, and sugary, you’ll definitely want to take a break from eating those everyday egg whites and enjoy some some German Chocolate Pancakes! There’s no better way to wake up than to wake up to rich chocolate pancakes combined with sweet coconut pecan frosting, Lingonberry puree, topped with rich dark chocolate curls & candied pecans They use only the most high-quality, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients and offer a creative menu which has received the “2015 Best Brunch Restaurants in America Award”.

Belle Pastry

belleAre you a sweets kind of person? Then you have to try this flaky, buttery pastry stuffed full of raspberry jam and mascarpone cheese also known as a Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant. If you can’t stop at just one tasty pastry,treat yourself to a coconut macaroon as well. Enjoy all of these creations at Belle Pastry which is a French bakery located in Old Bellevue on Main Street. Their bakery is filled with beautifully made French croissants, quiches, and sweet confections along with delicious coffee and tea, made from only the finest ingredients.

Jcoco Chocolates

ChocolateThis holiday season, it’s time to try something unique, something that will you leave your taste buds wanting more. That something unique is the seasonal chocolate concoction from Jcoco! Enjoy the fresh take on  gingerbread with pieces of sweet candied ginger and a sprinkle of wintry allspice mixed with only the finest of chocolates. Jcoco provides only the best and they source their chocolate from locations such as Belgium and Vanuatu.  


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